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Oct 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
...while in the cafeeeriaathe gun wasn't charged as a juvenile. any minute now... he u-s department of justiie is expected to release crime victimization survey. survey.the annual report ooks at interviews wiih 75-thousand ammricans... about personal and property crimesssuch as assault ann vehicll tteft. the presidential race... depending on whether he survey shhws a decreass or a spike in ccime under pressient obama. officials are on the lookout for a rabid fox... attacking residents in bowie. far 2 haae beee injured... inccuding a 4-yyar-old boy.eleanor sharp her ome severrl hours errl mile away....4-year-ood rrnan brothers... wwen the ffx latched onto his boot.that's when his brother screamed for help... until is oice became hoarss. "i kickkd it off my brother trring to make sure e wasn't too badlyy armed and then again and i kicked im again - and that's when my dad came to " help." both victims were givenn rabies shots. they'll receive evennmoree ver the nnxt few eeks. doctors say the mmn who received a full-face transplant seven months ago conttnuessto recovee. recover.37-yeer-
Oct 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
.for more information llg on to fox baltimore dot com slash porning. coming up... a big day... for the u-s supreme court.the case it's scheduued to hear... and how tte outcome could mean big and aawwman capturing a storr on tape... gett the surprise of a lifetime.we'll show you what happens just moments into her filminn. you're watching fox 45 good day ((break 2)))- when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price online. just $84.99 a month, guaranteed for one year with no annual contract. there's at least three computers. [ girl 1 ] a tablet. [ woman 1 ] couple of gaming systems. we could all be running at the same time. we do not notice any dips. [ male announcer ] get tv rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get the school year off to a great start with america's fastest, most consistent and most reliabl
Oct 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
most ddngerous city in the u-s. u-s.the magazine....which 2011... ranks detroit as number one....for tte fourth year in a row..hile most piolent crrmes fell 10-percent last year... the raae was still á5 timesá the natiinal average. ooe other cities on tte list include saint louis... oakllnd, califfrnia... memphis, &palabamm. the international cycling union strips lance armstrong of ll 7 of his tour de frrncee titles.the move comes ii responsee t thh -s the champion cyclist.the u-s-a-d-a says armstrong was involveddin quote - "theemost sophisticated, professionalized and &ppuccessful doping program."&p 3 barack obama gg head-to-hhaa in florida... for the last f three debates. the eccnomy is still the top &pissue for voters. bbt with troops ssill in afghanistan... unrrst in the middle east... and concern about iran's pocus could shift to foreign policy. meanwhhll... both candidates pre working hard to get the womens' vote... ii a serres of tosssup states. some national polls suggest obama's poogstanding edge with ffmale voters... is narrowing.the two hot button issues cont
Oct 24, 2012 9:00am EDT
....thht u-s ddplomats were informing officials in washiigton about the unfolding happening. the e-mailssraise further questionn about the &pseppember attack.. ann planned it. urrouuding who -3 3 to gg before eeectionnday... the presiddntial candidates kick hier campaings into high gear... bb making the rounds in crucial swing states, trying to win the support of &pundecided voters. voters.ppesidenttbarack obama is on a two day cammaign blitz accoss ssx battleerounn states. first stop.. a rally in iowa.. then on to colooado ... california... and a foomeergovernor mitttromney is caapaigning in nevada and iowa. pools show the candidates are neck and neck with some key swing stttes president obama. if halloween sales are any preeiction of who will win the presidentiaa election... there's a clear front runner: president obama.according to "spirit halloween"... masks of phe president's face are outsslling governor iit of 60-percenn to 40-perceet. correctly preeicted the ootcome of evvry presidential election... uuing mask sales... since the yyar 1996. & 3 another popular halloween
Oct 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
toplessáá in aaplaceewhere worry...thh south korean - raaper said he also plans to reeeaseehis firss u.s. sinnle sometime innnovember.i've also heard that he will release an album then as well. well. psy has signed on with a man named scooter.. who s justin biebers manager.things are generaaly going well for both of themm. but justin had a liitle trruble over the eeeend. weekend. pustin singing singing the biebs kicked-off concert of his "believe " tour sattrday nnght in arizona. justin.... got siik durrng the show... he actually thhew up on stage &p! after taking a brief break, bieber reeurned to the stage he wasn't feeling well. but the show mmst go on so... he pootinued performing..latee later that night,,bieber ted a - pweeted a picture of himself saying he was resting up for phe next show. he alsootweeted that ilk was not a good choice. coming up... we are gettiig newsroom... abbut he condition of former ravens defensive coordinator, chuck ppdate you next.tinne to -'re watching foo 45 good day baltimore. 3 when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it wa
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
on the websiie "the daily caller"... president obama telll an audience of black ministers that the u-s government neglected hurricane katrina victims. victims. 2:10-2:43 whole srrck in florida they said... heres the money... because youre part of the american familywhat happened down in new orleans............ makes no sense... bullet hasnt been taken out.. the people ddwn innnew orleans ttey don't care about as much. much.obama later stttee the incompetence."the 40 minnte video was shoo innjune of 2007 at hampton university in associated press. obama supporters are now claimmnn the timing of the release is suspect. &pthere's a new head of f-b-- operations in baltimoree stephen vogt haa bben naaed as f-b-i field office.vogg ty's starred with the agency in 19- 89.his most recent assignment was in afghanistan. ptreet in little italy.we shot this video of albemarle petween styles and fawn can see, a sinkhole about the size of a car opened up in the street.this section of albemmrle has been shht down. no worddon when the inkhole will be fixed... or when the road will reopen. a brave dog in rhode
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
department released its peptember jobs report..ere's what ii shows: the u-s jooless pate dipped to 7-point-8- percent. the first time in four years that it fell below the 8 percent mark.officials also tweeked some previous reports from july and august ading to the jobs nuuber for those months as well....last thousand jjos were added... which is roughly what many economists were predicting. this year's "drug ake bacck according tt the drug ..- ennorcement administration... half-a-milliinnpounds of unusee medications were tuuned in last saturday.a new government survey findd more than 6-million americans abuse an entire block in east baltimore almost devoured by a large sinkkoll... now faacs new prrblems!this is a ánewá eaat's aboot 100 feet away rrm the first one on that saae street that opened up in july...and a hole to reopen up in august. the road is closed... but the reflecting ppol in front of the lincoln memorial in this time.. because of an algae buildup.earlier the pool was drained for a two year... 34 million dollar overhaullit will remain emppy for at least a we
Oct 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
'ssnew attempt to combat obesity... is creating guidelines frommthe u-s---a... - school lunches now double the veggies... but imit proteins and carbs.the goal is to make sure students are eating no more than 8-huudred-50 calories.but some parents say the smaller lunch is leaving their kids hungry.according to recent statisticc... one third considered overweight or obese. therr could be a shortage of season.several sources are reporting that workers at the "ffx-coon" factooy in china... made... are on strike.the paralyzed produution lines. appll is not commenting on the matter. for the -st time in 8 years... representatives from the "wheel of fortune" game show came to maryland looking for ontestantss conttetants.people shouting wheel of footune fortunethousands of fans shhwed up at the hunt valley town center... hhpinggto win a fortune in california. of - 3-hundree of them actually got a chance to auddtion on stage. "oh yea!!!! i would bee overwhelmed the eeling bbingg me feee like i can do this!" this year marks the 30-th aaniversary of wheel of fortune. for the bbst ggme shows in am
Oct 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
if 3 any of them werr working. a funeral will be held tomorrow... for former u-s sunddy at the age of 88... after a battll with serree pennsylvania in the senate from 19800to 2011. tomorrow's service will be open to the public. pndeavour is nnw aa iis new home in los angeles... where month.the shuttle left florida . customized 7-47... or a -3fare pouthern u--.itttooo more than inch its way across 12 miles of road rom l-a-x airport. endeavour is joining fellow shuutles discovery, enttrprise austrian daredevil, felix baumgartnee becomes the first skydiver tt break thh speee of ssund... in a 24-mmle-high jumm from a balloon. balloon.baumgartner reached speeds oo 8-huudred-33-point 9 miles an hour.he ell short oo the ffee-fall átimeá record... by about 20 seconds. &pas we've been saying for weeks... this was a risky ump. thin atmosphere... he could have lost consciousness..buu still... baumgartner said death dii not scare him. 55-110 "weel dying as always been part of my life- because as a base-jumper youualways face death on every aseejump. thhreforr it is importanttthat you d
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
reporting 115deaths &ptotal from sandy in the u-s.. associated wires reporting 16 - broken levee in northern new jersey- leet about áá5 ffet of wateráá in the streets of neighboring towns- rescue crews using boats to try to rescce about 8-hundred people & ocean cityy-airns- live in - bel air to two e to two houses- damage houses 3 -road closed -downed pooer 3 - don't do this!!!- oneeof our photogs captured this last 3 - rain isn'ttthe ooly problem... saadd aaso brought snow- parts of west virginia and tennessee saw lots of it tennnsseeesaw virginia and tennessee saw lots of it - we leave you with resser from pa goveenor... on the well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. 3 33 33 p, 33 3 3&p3 33 i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ man ] i got it when i uploaded a gigabyte of photos. i literally wanted to say "did you see that?" [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios there comes a moment
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10